Mizan, between Idealism and Business.

>Since its very inception, Mizan has not restricted itself to be a book trader driven solely by business motives, but rather has strived to be a publisher with a unique perspective on Islam and civilization.

In our opinion, a publishing company should act like the god Janus, the temple guard-god who has two heads. One looks inward to continue observing the internal environment of the temple and observe the needs of those residents whom he guards, while the other head looks outward to watch anything or anyone who might enter through the gate with a purpose of protecting the inhabitants. In other words, letting in whatever is in line with the needs of the inhabitants of the temple, and banishing anything in conflict with them.

Mizan tries to bring a perspective which allows the best of thoughts and works in all fields to reach people in order to enlighten and enable them to respond well to the challenges of the era. At the same time, Mizan reaffirms its commitment to be faithful to the sources of values which it holds, "authentically". Since choosing the name “Mizan”, we are determined to openly present all kinds of information and viewpoints as long as it can be accounted for along the standards of knowledge as well as beneficial to humanity. The authors may come from various schools of thoughts and religions. This because we strongly believe in the words of the Prophet, "Wisdom is the lost property of the Muslims. So, pick it up wherever you find it."

This is the philosophy of the brand Mizan (Mizan is an Arabic word which means “scale”), that has always allowed us to remain perpetually conscious of the importance of maintaining a balance in everything, to be ummatan wasathan (community of the middle of the roaders) as taught by the Holy Scripture.


Maintaining commitment to continuously participate in creating a modern, open and, at the same time, religious society. This commitment is manifested through the development of a knowledge-based company that is always able to respond to the challenges and demands of the rapidly changing environment and ever globalized world due to the advances of information technology creation and computer.


Mizan was established in 1983 by three university students and two of their seniors. Its original goals were to develop a new genre of Islamic literature in Indonesia. Beginning with publishing only translated foreign books of prominent international Muslim writers; books published by Mizan have evolved and gradually taken the shape of serious modern discourses representing differing Islamic views.

in the Future.

Not being content with serving only domestic needs, Mizan has expanded its scope of business abroad. To serve the same objective, Mizan has established a special strategic business unit by the name of Mizan International with three goals: First, to distribute its products in the Indonesian or Malay language to Asians living abroad and, second, to translate books from Indonesian language into foreign languages for international market; and, third, to sell the copyright of its products through its specially established body, the MLA (Mizan Literary Agency).

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